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Functional Sports Performance
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Jump Start with our FAMOUS Fitness Training Model
Training Everyday for Hours On End.

It's about a minimum of 12 Sessions with Your 

Torch Calories and keep your metabolism revving for up to 72 hours after the workout.

With our Training Methods, we combine Cardio, Strength Training, and Camaraderie to Get You the RESULTS You Want with an Experience You Will Actually LOOK FORWARD TO!

Have Fun and Get Sexy Once and For All

"I had been suffering all this time making bland food. The FSP cookbook changed my body and my life. I feel like I'm cheating... except my clothes are getting looser." 
- Sue R. (Former Challenger)


You can achieve your health and fitness goals without crazy diets and starving yourself or eating cardboard.


EATING DELICIOUS MEALS that you enjoy; that fuel your body in and out of the gym - without leaving behind the sweets and treats you love. 
You are NOT just a Number

You have your own Coach as your Mentor and Accountability Partner to answer all your questions and make sure you are achieving the RESULTS
You Want.

You have the MEMBERS to support You on Your Journey - reminding You that You Are NOT Alone - we are ALL in this TOGETHER.

We Will Transform 
Your Body, 
Your Health, 
Your Fitness - 
Client Reviews? Yes!
Love this place! Love the trainers! Get a good workout in!! I am a swimmer and they have personalized a work out for summer and water polo players! They check your nutrition and make sure you're doing what you're supposed to be doing! 
- Lucy D. 

If you want the best, this is where you go! Normally I don't want to give away such a great secret of wealth and health but it's too important to not share! The trainers are all friendly and talk to you even if they are not "your" trainer. You never feel watched or stared at no matter how overweight or out of shape. Every one high fives each other and no one quits due to boredom or being mentally degraded like some gyms out there. Make a difference in your life and check out this group of exceptional people!
You won't be sorry!
- Adrienne H.

I absolutely love this facility! Great location, great staff, great trainers and all the necessary equipment. It has the equipment and overall size of one of the big gyms, without the crowds and the annoying sales pitches. Functional Sports Performance is where to go if you are looking for a perfect facility to get and stay fit.
They also have a chiropractor on site that can help get your body feeling 100% before and after a workout. I highly recommend this fitness and health facility!
- Ahmed K.

Stephen is a great trainer, not only that but a very positive person. The gym is full of great vibes and smiles everyone is very friendly. I would definitley recommend this gym to anyone.
Jessica P.

These guys are awesome! 17 sessions in and can feel and see the difference. Stephen has a great nutrition and workout plan uniquely designed for me and I love it. Thank you FSP!!
- Samuel T.

After having my second baby, I was nervous I wouldn't bounce back and get back in shape. I joined FSP when my baby was 3 months old and within the first few weeks, I saw changes and results and continue to see the results week after week. Stephen is an amazing trainer and I feel stronge and in better shape than prior to baby number 1! Having the accountalibity, the challenging workouts and the fantastic energy at the gym, I am getting in better shape than I had imagined. I love this gym and highly recommend it!
- Carly V.

This is a private training gym: everyone here is with a trainer (either a trainer belonging to gym, or an independent trainer that utilizes the gym's facilities). Plenty of equipment to use, and some fun stuff that trainers have access to like tractor tires, sledgehammers, and a turf track for sprinting and agility training. Everyone is super friendly, and everything is pretty casual since all clients are being supervised by trainers that, at the least, know each other.
- Joseph L.

My new favorite happy place. I've finally found a place where I can comfortably work out, feel welcomed and actually see physical results. The gym just opened a few weeks ago and it's fully equipped with new machines, weights, and an indoor turf/track. The bathrooms are new and have shower stalls, lockers, and girly things (lotion, blowdryer, big mirrors, etc) to use. Stephen is an awesome trainer and motivator who's really down to earth and pushes you to your limit (which is what I was lacking going solo to my local 24 Hour Fitness). I never leave a work out sweat-free and I love it. If you're looking for a place to work out, have fun, and be surrounded with positive people and energy then this is for you!
- Bianca W.

These guys are experts in results. I know how to work out, and have always been an althlete, but the hardest part was the motivation. They were very positive and made working out fun.
- Taylor M.

Stephen is a brilliant trainer who is able to understand a client's goals and work creatively and energetically to help meet them. He is awesome with kids and totally non-judgmental with everyone. It's the most positive training experience I've ever had.
- Rick H.

We train the SoCal Navy SEAL and SWCC candidates for the U.S. Navy so the facilities that we train at are just as important to us as the men that we train to operate around the globe in the most extreme conditions. I do not often give a five star rating because almost always, there is one or two items that are blindingly obvious and need to change but FSP has done it right from the start. The First thing that you will notice before you even walk inside is that you can park there easily. The second thing you will notice as you walk inside is that FSP is set up for success in not just one training modality but in MANY training modalities! I cannot tell you enough how much strength training is connected to speed training and speed is connected to agility training and vice versa and so on and so on. The staff is experienced in group sports and individual training and that is another plus that you do not find in great quantity in SoCal gyms. Our guys need to be uncommonly strong, they need to be very fast and they need to be extremely endurable. I cannot know what is good for each of you reading this but I can know that I can use the FSP facility and their staff to take a mere mortal and turn him into a hard charging Navy Seal Program ready candidate as he heads off to BUDs and that is more than I even hope to ask for in most facilities. Now you see why I gave it a five star lol.
- John M.

So glad I found Functional Sports Performance. The facility is filled with brand new machines and they have the nicest women's bathroom . I spent months (almost a year) trying to relieve my 15 year old swimmer's bulging disc pain and my 13 year old gymnast's Iliopsoas tendinosis pain. Spent many hours at the M.D., Orthopedics's offices, acupuncture, and physical therapy, with very little relief from pain and NO IMPROVEMENT. After just a few visits with Stephen, BOTH girls showed improvement and their pain has decreased. We finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and the girls can finally look forward to getting back to competing in their sport. They actually love going too! Big thanks to both Alex Nieto and Stephen Beseda, you guys are AMAZING!
- Kari R.

I have been training with Stephen B. from FSP for several years. To say I received stellar results in a supportive environment is beyond an understatement. They work you very hard, but are extremely well trained and equipped to work with anyone's level (or lack thereof) of fitness. Highly, highly recommend!
- Anthony R.

Awesome team. Everyone here is fun to work with. Stephen is a great trainer who really knows how to motivate. I've only been coming for a few weeks and I have already made more progress than I ever did on my own.
- David L.

Stephen and staff have been a huge part of my development and success as a Division 1 student athlete. I have been training with Stephen since my early years in high school. I have developed stamina, lean muscle mass and strength and the determination to become one of the best quarterbacks in the country while playing at the highest level in college football (FBS). Without the help of Stephen and the rest of the staff at Functional Sports Performance, I would not be where I am today.
- Josh Love, Quarterback, San Jose State University
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Irvine, CA 92614
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